'A place to love'

Southwold. 'A place to love'

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'Southwold. A Place to Love'

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Janet Gershlick

Janet has lived in Southwold, Suffolk for over twenty years. She arrived at a time of her life when she was looking for both a change and new beginnings. When working as a radio presenter on Talk Radio UK she opened a map of the country looking for a place to live and a psychic from the breakfast show pointed out and suggested Southwold! She visited for the weekend and twenty years later…!!

Janet says: "When I first arrived in Southwold many years ago I knew I had found my place. I have loved it ever since and it has seen me through many life changes and events. I looked around and saw that many others had an immense love of Southwold.

The names of the beach huts and the inscriptions of loved ones on the benches and those tiny brass plaques on the pier. People wanting to share history, stories and memories. To leave behind a footprint. I knew then that I had to write to record and acknowledge the people and their stories.

'Southwold. A place to love'

These stories will both delight and stir your emotions.

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Extracts from 'Southwold. A place to love'

Southwold Benches

Howard Rose was a truly unique man – much loved by his adoring family. Innovative in all he did. A man who lived and breathed radio – his bench faces the North Sea where, for many years, he worked on the pirate radio ships. Patricia used to listen to him on the radio so she wrote to him and they met. He became besotted but she went on to marry someone else...
Gun Hill Bench

'Ginger' Newson came from an ‘old’ Suffolk family with his parents running a bakery in the 1940s. He talked to everyone and everyone loved him. He was a sociable and proud man – a ‘dear old boy’ with a sharp wit. His bench was placed at the top of the slope on South Green where in those later years he would just sit and doze in the sun...

Southwold Pier Plaques

Judy and Terry’s brother Robin died aged 53. He ran a record business from Great Yarmouth. He loved music and, as Van Morrison was one of his favourite performers, this quote from one of his songs seemed very appropriate...

HILDA SMITH 1908 – 2001

Frances’s dad delivered dentures to Southwold every Wednesday.

'Southwold. A Place to Love'

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