Conversations From My Caravan

Over four years ago broadcaster Janet Gershlick started a unique look at life with 'Conversations From My Caravan'

Covering all subjects from 'Life After Chocolate', 'Dealing With Grief' and talking about love and on-line dating. All conversations have empathy, understanding and often include some very funny stories.

Each Conversation lasts about five minutes.

Four years on - interrupted by Covid and the loss of three beloved family members - her look may have changed but the need to share, talk and to look at life from a different angle/perspective has never left her. So here is the start of the next series of 'Conversations From My Caravan'.

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Conversations From My Caravan: Why Me?
Sharing and talking about life - from love to loss and everything in-between.
Conversations From My Caravan: Surviving Grief
Talks from my own experiences about how to survive the journey and what to say to help those travelling on it.
Conversations From My Caravan: Life After Chocolate
Talk of how difficult it is to cut back on sugar and suggesting ideas that can help.
Conversations From My Caravan: NHS experiences
About her recent NHS experiences and life as a nurse (includes funny stories!).
Conversations From My Caravan: Talking Love & Online Dating.
Talk of online and speed dating; warning about scams and telling a few funny stories of her own experiences.