Sharing One Last Word

Like many others - including myself - you may not have had the chance or opportunity to say goodbye to a beloved relative or friend.

They may have had Covid and you weren't allowed to visit them or be with them.
Or perhaps they were in a nursing home where you couldn't hold their hand, reassure them or be there when you were most needed or when you most wanted to be with them - sharing conversations and love or perhaps their final moments.

Maybe you have a loved one who is suffering from Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's or Dementia and although you still have that person with you they may not be the person they were...

Or you may simply have wanted to ask someone close - a question about their past or family history.
A question they can no longer answer.

Sharing One Last Word has evolved with all that in mind...

Sharing One Last Word is the place where you can share that One Last Word.

A few words. A few sentences. A small conversation.

With agreement this can and will be seen by many - perhaps allowing others to think what they would have said or maybe encouraging them to talk to loved ones right now. In the present whilst they can...

It can and may be heartfelt and emotional - personal. But everyone needs a platform to speak and to share moments.
Perhaps for better mental health.

Everyone in life goes through these often catastrophic life changing situations... but sometimes it is not always possible to talk to friends or family.

So If you had been able, what would have been your One Last Word ?

Debra shares One Last Word with Janet about her late mum.
Please visit the links below to view others sharing their
One Last Word with Janet.


Sharing One Last Word

There are different ways to do this
Via zoom with you and me just chatting.You may not want to be visible and may decide to be audio only
With permission the zoom chat will be recorded
Or you can leave a comment, word, sentence or paragraph on the following:

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@Sharing One Last Word

Please note
I am not a counsellor or therapist.
Some content may be edited if required and I will have the final say on whether it is to be 'broadcast'
The zoom chat will last just a few minutes only but you could also perhaps show a photo of that loved one or a few of their
possessions to explain and expand on who they were and the life that they had... and why you loved them.

If you had had the opportunity
what would
have been your
'One Last Word'